Navigating the cancer care system can be challenging enough without having to worry about money. Sure, most of us are glad to be living in Canada when faced with a serious illness like cancer. But making financial ends meet is still tough, especially when employment insurance sickness benefits cover only up to 15 weeks. And, to be entitled to those 15 weeks you have to have worked 600 hours over the past 52 weeks.

Did you know that the EI sickness benefit payments are

– taxable?
– less than regular EI payments for people who have lost their jobs?
– have not been indexed since 1971?

One woman from Laval, Québec, Marie-Hélène Dubé, is trying to change this. She has launched a petition calling on the government to extend the length of EI sickness benefits. The Bloc Québécois tabled a bill asking to change the coverage from 15 to 45 weeks.

Read more about the petition, Marie-Hélène’s fight and related news coverage here:

How are you coping financially? Did/Do you get EI sickness benefits? What about women who don’t qualify for EI benefits?

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