Your personal health record is an important file folder that holds a record of your health history, your pathology report, all your tests and doctor visits. Some doctor practices and hospitals use electronic health records (EHR) on a computer network system.

Once you enter the cancer care system your personal health record gets a lot of mileage! It gets handed from specialist to specialist, from department to department. When things go as they should, your health record follows you closely, the doctor knows every detail and none of the information goes astray.

How can you make sure that your health record is complete and the doctor or nurse in front of you has all the right information?

Make your own copy of your health record:

  • Get a copy of your pathology report and any other medical reports.
  • Keep a record of all your tests and appointments.
  • Ask for a list of all prescription medications from your pharmacist.
  • Include your health insurance documents if you have additional coverage.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it can be very useful if details of your report get misplaced or when you have questions.

Did you keep your own copy of your health record? Did you keep everything in a binder? Did you use the Journal to help you get organized? Share your tips with us.

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