When you arrive in “the land of cancer”, a wealth of information is transmitted to you from everywhere. Doctors explain the details of your diagnosis and treatment options to you, receptionists tell you where to go for your next test, nurses give you directions, the pharmacist tells you about possible side effects of treatments, and you find out. even more details on the Internet. However, even if you have been inundated with more information, you believe there are other things you wish you had known.

Sometimes the little tips from other patients and survivors help the most, such as “it’s better to wear elastic waist pants rather than zippers for a bone scan” or “removing staples don’t does not hurt at all ”. These are just a few examples of tips that women have posted on discussion forums.

Do you have any tips to share? Tell us about the things you wish you had known and other things that you have been told that have helped you a lot in preparing for a test or treatment.

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